Sunday, 27 November 2011

Out of the Box

My wife bought me a bike on the internet.

It arrived a couple of weeks before my birthday, from Melbourne, in a big flat box. When I took it out and put the handlebars and peddles on ...

... it was all about the look.

 Jellybeanbikes get you to log in and pick the colours of your frame, wheels and other components. That's a 'large' frame in flouescent green with deep profile aluminium wheels, blue at the back and black in front. White seat and grips, red tyres, silver chain and crankset. It's got a flip flop hub!

I rode it and it made me smile.

I bought some barends and toeclips on line. I like barends and toeclips.

Thursday, 24 November 2011


Back in the day (the 1990s), I rode a mountain bike. I rode it everywhere. I rode it to work, I rode it to the shops, I rode it on the road, on the footpath, down the stairs and sometimes I even rode it in the mountains. 26" wheels, knobby tires, no suspension, 21 gears, long cranks, centre pull cantilever brakes. That was the standard set up. I would fiddle with the seat and handle bars, and adjust the brakes and gears but I never did any serious mechanics. Mostly rode and occasionally crashed.

I got married and had kids.

Then a few months ago a mate talked me into going mountain biking again. He lent me a bike. I had a great time. I was exhausted. I think I might have broken a rib. I got the bug again, but I was a bit worried that trail riding might kill me. At least I should get fit first.

My wife bought me a bike on the internet.


Dingle: A dual, single speed bicycle. A fixie or single speed bike set up to provide two gearing options. A contradiction in cogs..... This is a blog about a bike.